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Hi All,

Plaquettes B Negative needed URGENTLY PLZZ .. (Also said ino byemshe O- or A-)

Plz Call Urgently: 70 802 060 Michel, Hotel Dieux Hospital

Thank you,


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Dear Oroomers,

I have been in this situation for over a month where my dad needed O+ plaquette every second day. I never knew what plaquette is and never knew how hard it is to find someone fit to donate, I always ignored such appeals as i thought there are plenty of donors out there and the blood banks must have enough blood stock .

The plaquette (platelets) cannot be stored so you wont find in the blood bank. the patient needing it is usually in a critical condition

I thank God for all the friends i and my family have. as thanks to them we have managed to get 17 fit donors during that month (without mentioning the dozens who volunteered but were not fit)

Please if you think you are fit to donate plaquette do not hesitate when you hear about someone urgently needing it and your donation will make a huge difference

Good luck @Strange_Man; , i know what you're going through and salemto/salemta


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Jad Bassili, a kid with cancer is dying and he needs Plaquettes O+ urgently at Mar Youssef Hospital. If anyone can help!!!
@Jo, @EuroMode can you put it as a banner please?
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AB+ urgently needed at st. george hospital Achrafieh, please msg me or call the hospital directly at 01-441000/01-575700, for Mr Jabra.

@Nadnoud, if you are available u r ab+ :)

Libnene Qu7

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Need O-, B-, or AB- blood type and platelets from any blood type.
Please call 03-678061.
17 year old boy's life is in danger.