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The Orange Room Constitution:

The forum is an independent platform of discussion where everyone is treated equally. Registered members can discuss whatever event they see fit as long as they don't break the rules.

Discussions should follow the rules listed here. It is also advised to follow the ORiquette.

Members Types, Roles and Duties:
  • Administrators: Responsible of the general well being of the forum, from a technical and monitoring point of view. They should monitor the work of Super Moderators & Moderators to insure fair treatment. From time to time, administrators will intervene in moderation also if needed.
  • Super Moderators: 5 members handpicked by the administrators, they are responsible for the moderators work and performance. Super Moderators also intervene in moderation.
  • Moderators: Elected directly by the members for a 1 year term, they are responsible for maintaining a good level of discussion. Moderators also have other responsibilities that will be explained below
  • Supporters: Pillars of the forum, ORSers help keeping this platform online by their contributions, they benefit from additional features in the Oroom not available for normal members.
  • Members: Core of the forum, members elect moderators and run this platform. Every user here from administrator, super moderator, moderator and Supporter is first and foremost a member

Rules are the guidelines that members should abide by in order to keep a civilized discussion. They are found here and can be amended.

Amending the rules
Deleting,adding or modifying a rules should be suggested by a moderator in a new thread located in the moderators forum. The amendment will then be voted on by Administrators, Super Moderators and Moderators. If it passes by 50%+1 then it will be amended.

Banning a member from the forum
  • Super Moderators can ban a member from the forum for a maximum period of 24 hours. this decision will be reviewed subsequently by the Admins, Super mods and moderators in order to lift the ban or extend it for a longer period. this action will be voted on by the whole team and the decision will be taken based on the majority of the votes.

Banning a member from a thread
Only administrators and super moderators can ban a member from a thread. This step do not need voting, it can be proposed from a moderator (or not) and if a super mod or admin is available he can do it.

  • Elections will be during the month of august
  • Moderators term is 1 year
  • Members can either nominate themselves or get nominated (if they are nominated, they have to approve before running)
  • The Admins and the Super mods split the candidates in two groups in a way that members from all political affiliation have a chance of becoming part of the team
  • Elections are done on 2 rounds
    a) Round 1 (1st to 15th August) for group 1... 2 seats
    b) Round 2 (16th to 30th August) for group 2 ... 2 seats
    c) The results will be announced on 31st August
    d) 1st September the elected mods take over their duties from the current mods
  • Elected members should be professional and objective enough to tolerate all opinions.
  • Any member can run unless his registration date is less than 3 months or have less than 50 posts
  • Vote will be canceled if the member's account is less than 1 month.
  • Vote will be canceled if the member was behind a proxy at the time of voting.
  • Any member who votes from 2 different account names, both his votes will be cancelled.
  • Before applying to be a moderator, a member should approve (by thanking/liking) the moderators list of conduct.
  • A minimum of 6 members should run for the elections, if this number is not meet, administrators and super moderators will hand pick moderators by PMing them.
  • Deleted post will leave a trace (deletion notice) for more transparency between the mods & members

Disputing an elected Moderator
  • Elected members can be disputed by any of the Admins or the Super mods (if too many complaints are received from the members about him). The administrators and the Super mods will then vote on his parting or staying.
  • If the majority sees that a moderator is not fit to perform his duty, the member who came in the third place in the election will take over

Disputing a Super Moderator
Only the administrators may dispute a Super moderator if too many complaints are received about him from the members or the moderators.

Community events & advertising
Moderators can suggest events, competitions, advertising and other. In order to do this, a moderator should find a way to cover the expenses of this event, it is then suggested to the other moderators, super moderators and administrators. If approved by 50%+1 voting it will be done.

Other platform related stuff
Example: twitter account, facebook account etc... Moderators can get info about all this and administrators will explain. It is however the administrators choice to give access and/or more details about any other related Orange Room account available.

The Administration
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Elections are done on 2 rounds
a) Round 1 (1st to 15th August) for group 1... 2 seats
b) Round 2 (16th to 30th August) for group 2 ... 2 seats
c) The results will be announced on 31st August
d) 1st September the elected mods take over their duties from the current mods

Update to the above rules:
( 22 July 2016 )

Elections are done on 2 phases
a) Phase 1: 6 candidates gets elected and pass to Phase 2.
b) Phase 2: 4 candidates gets elected from the previous 6.
c) The results will be announced the next day
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