Orange Room Elections 2019 The Orange Room elections 2019 announcement thread

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Thawra # Furoshima

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yaane b gheir me3ne bass bet heb tne2 w tnazer 3al nes, bas wa2ta yeje wa2t el jadd btetkhaba w btontour ghayrak yechteghil

ya allah b ayya hezeb bet zakkerne?? ??????
Why don’t you see it fake Maiden as someone more interested in principle than power
Second my friends are better than me in this
Third I know me and my friends control of the debate on this Forum is killing you


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Does anyone's platform call for banning calling each other foreign agents? Or reducing it to once per thread so people can choose the opportune time wisely? Just a thought, i dunno.


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We need a change to the electoral law ahead of this election. We need proportional representation and a party system.
I am goimg to burn tires in this thread until a new law is enacted :)

I am going to start the forum's Democratic Modern Lebanon Party the DMLP party ahead of forum elections and form a list under a proportional law and party system :)

I call on everyone to clog threads and burn tires and helaho @Jo men7ebbo :) please change this unfair electoral law :)
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