The State of the Lebanese Pound [$ @ 25,000]


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Where you at the fundraising as well? 🤣

look buddy ana bfadel KSA against Iran any day of the week. Iran and its stooges enta mennoun ya3ne dragged us into this mess. enjoy the pic and tell Gebran dont eye the Presidency too much. Pathetic little human!



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Betrou7o matra7 ma bydfa3o fresh riyals 🤣



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I had friends who despite their high salaries(back then) kept putting off having maids and putting it off. I wonder how they feel today when the Maids era has ended without them enjoying what it was like to be a middle class living off borrowed money. My heart aches for them as they can barely survive now. Such chances come about once in a life time. It's not very common to have a head of a central bank run a ponzi scheme for the benefits of politicians and their cronies.


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Tasta7sinoun ya Soumou Malak... tfeh 3al sh7edeh 🤣

Waynak ya Bashir shouf kif sar 7ezbak 7ezb sh7adeh

the whole of Lebanon sh7adeh buddy starting from the President and down. He has been asking the jarabs to invest for more than a 1 year.


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you do know that the lebanese gov and all the officials are asking the jarabs and all leb expats to place $$ in lebanon right ?
For me its about the political profiteering that is being done. It is pathetic a bit.
They talk about "siyede" and being independent of any foreign influence and then we are running to KSA from one side and to Iran the other. (please dont tell me that is any different because it is not)

That is what the Yemenis did. Look how it ended up!! celebrating someone having a new(old) foreign master is just ridiculous as both KSA and Iran care about their regional influence more than our population. Remember we want iran to f-off not the Saudis to come aswell. Anyway LFers cannot preach "siyede" anymore than HA and other parties can. Riz2allah 3a iyyem el "7iyed" they gave up very fast. Get ready for more confrontation if someone agreed to fund it.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.