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The U.S. is building a new embassy in Awkar - Beirut. TBD in 2023


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The Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations Announces the Construction Award for the New U.S. Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon

The Department of State awarded the construction contract for the new U.S. Embassy complex in Beirut, Lebanon to B.L. Harbert of Birmingham, Alabama.

The multi-building complex will be situated on a 43-acre site in Awkar, near the current U.S. Embassy Compound. The new complex will include a Chancery, a Marine Security Guard Residence, representational and staff housing, facilities for the community and associated support facilities. The project is expected to be ready for occupancy in 2023.

The architect is Morphosis of California.

As part of the Department’s Capital Security Construction Program the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations has completed 133 new diplomatic facilities since 1999 with an additional 52 projects in design or under construction.

The mission of the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations is to provide safe, secure, and functional facilities that represent the U.S. government to host nations and support our staff in achieving U.S. foreign policy objectives. These facilities represent U.S. values and the best in U.S. architecture, engineering, technology, sustainability, art, culture, and construction execution.

The Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations Announces the Construction Award for the New U.S. Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon
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    By the way that's next to my house and I have always hated that. Maybe when it's finished I will like it better. The two military stops before and after it create a lot of unecessary traffic for one, n u have to stop n lower your window for the soldier standing and anytime the US does something wrong , the protestors come in big numbers and they have to close down the road! Not to mention the mere fact of driving next to it flashes images of Gouantanamo Bay in my mind. It's like a war zone, and the guards at the front of the embassy stare at you like they want to kill you if you look in their direction while driving by haha! And now that they are rebuilding it, the road is always bad with sand everywhere, workers, forklifts etc causing even more traffic!
    I was all excited when there were talks of possibly moving it to Beirut a while back, but then they ended up swapping lands and sticking to Awkar. Supposedly coz they would have been closer to Hzbl rockets (that's the neswen el foron version around here lol)


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    What happened to the land they bought in Baabda few years ago. They paid 1 billion usd for it. I know they canceled the project there because it is close to Dahieh. Btw most of the properties and lands around were bought by Hizb affiliates back then also. What a waste.