The Unknown North Korea.


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I will tell you a bedtime story ( a true story) .

USA to Jugoslavia president Milosevic : " do you have any nuclear weapon " ? Jugoslavia president reply : " NO , we signed no nuke treaty " ..
USA : " then we will bomb the hell of you .. :(

USA to Iraq president Saddam : " do you have any nuclear weapon " ? Saddam president reply : " NO , we signed the treaty and allowed the WMD inspectors to check all our sites" ..
USA : " then we will bomb the hell of you and later will invade your country , destroy it and drag the whole region in caos .. :(

USA to Lybia president Ghaddafi : " do you have any nuclear weapon " ?
Ghaddafi reply : " NO , we already destroyed our missiles and dismantled our nuclear program " .. USA : " then we will bomb the hell of you ..later we will create a civil war and drag your entire country into caos :(

USA to DPRK Marshall KIM JONG UN : " do you have any nuclear weapon " ?

Comerade KIM JONG UN reply : " ..


USA : " then its better to negotiate :D :D :D

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“The Songun idea is a revolutionary idea embodying a comprehensive anti-imperialist, independent stand and the spirit of ennobling love for the country, nation and people, and which is based on an iron faith and willpower.” (Kim Jong Un)



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An apple and pear show took place here on Oct. 20.
Displayed in the show were apples and pears of good species produced in fruit farms in Kwail and Pukchong counties, the Kosan Combined Fruit Farm, the Taedonggang Combined Fruit Farm and others in the country.
Officials and working people of the farms made a good harvest this year despite unfavorable climatic conditions by taking scientific and technological care of fruit trees.
The jury consisted of ordinary people. They tasted apples and pears on display and appreciated their sweetness, sourness, wetness, aroma and solidness.


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Every year, the DPRK holds Paduk (Go) contest for children. Players are divided by age group. Youngest group is under 5, meaning they are just 3-4 years old kindergartners.