The Western front of Syria - Qalamoun, Zabadani & the Lebanese borders


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SAA and HA managed to take most of the Qalamoun mountains.

Qalamoun control map:


2 days ago, HA & SAA launched an attack Zabadani, a lot of news came out saying that Nusra will surrender the town but so far nothing happened.

Small skirmishes happened here and there around Zabadani, here is the latest map of the conflict:

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    12:38 ليبانون فايلز: القاء منشورات في سماء الزبداني تدعو المسلحين الى الاستسلام ورمي السلاح وفتح البلدة امام الجيش السوري
    12:28 الجيش السوري وحزب الله يقطعون الطريق الرئيسي الشمالي لمدينة الزبداني ويعزلون المدينة عن سرغايا وعين حور
    12:20 ليبانون فايلز: سقوط قلعة التل الواقعة من الجهة الشمالية للجمعيات في مدينة الزبداني بيد حزب الله والجيش السوري وتم السيطرة على القلعة بشكل كامل
    12:18 الجيش السوري وحزب الله بدآ القصف على الزبداني من أكثر من مئة نقطة محيطة بالمدينة
    12:03 الجيش السوري وحزب الله يتقدمان باتجاه الجبل الغربي داخل مدينة الزبداني ويقتربان من قلعة التل والمضيق


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    سوريا: مراسلة الميادين: الجيش السوري ومقاتلو المقاومة يشرعون بالتقدم البري لإسترجاع مدينة الزبداني


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    Hezbollah outlet saying they captured hill top 'alCoco'

    Hezbollah/SAA advancing and capturing northern 'Qalat alTal alWaqia'

    SAA/NDF forces have sent message to the rebels to drop their weapons

    Syrian MiG over Zabadani


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    18:59 ليبانون فايلز: الجيش السوري وحزب الله يسيطران على حي الجمعيات بالكامل بعد مقتل عشرات المسلحين وفرار الآخرين
    18:32 ليبانون فايلز: اصوات انفجارات هزت قرى زحلة منذ قليل ناجمة عن القاء براميل متفجرة من قبل الطيران الحربي السوري على الزبداني وغارات صاروخية


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    Not sure how reliable this source is, but he is claiming that Nusra executed 6 of its soldiers for not fighting against HA



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    Report explaining the importance of al-Zabadani to the SAA. I would say it is more important to Lebanon than Syria

    In the report he explains:

    1. The SAA wants to cut the line of supplies from Lebanon to Damascus
    2. Al zabadani is 10km far from the Lebanese borders and 45kms far from Damascus
    3. Al Zabadani is 395km2
    4. Al Zabadni is located in the center of Damascus, Homs and the Syrian cost.
    5. There are 1500 militant in the city.
    6. The attack is taking place from 7 fronts

    J. Abizeid

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    Lebanese Hezbollah, Syrian army enter rebel-held border city | Reuters

    Lebanese Hezbollah, Syrian army enter rebel-held border city

    BEIRUT The Syrian army and Lebanese Hezbollah fighters said on Sunday they had entered the rebel-held city of Zabadani on the second day of a major offensive to capture the border area around the Beirut-Damascus highway.

    The army, backed by Hezbollah, has long sought to wrest control of Zabadani, near the Lebanese border, from the rebels who have held it since 2012, a year after the start of the Syrian civil war.

    The Lebanese Shi'ite group Hezbollah's al Manar television station said its fighters and the Syrian army had entered the Jamaiyat district in the western part of Zabadani, about 45 km (30 miles) northwest of the capital Damascus.

    Footage showed ground troops entering parts of the city lying in a lush agricultural plain surrounded by a mountain range shared to the east with Lebanon.

    The offensive began on Saturday and was preceded by several days of aerial and artillery bombing of outposts held by a coalition of mainly Sunni Muslim jihadist fighters defending the city.

    The Syrian army also said on state television their fighters had seized the Sultani district, east of the city, while Hezbollah said it now had encircled the northern portion.

    Earlier the Syrian army said: "Tens of terrorists were killed and injured" in the assault.

    The Syrian army, aided by Hezbollah, last March captured the western mountains overlooking Zabadani but rebels who control the eastern hilltops have used rocket launchers to hit army and Hezbollah posts.

    The latest offensive is part of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's effort to shore up his control over western Syria.

    The capture of the city would secure a safe arms and troops corridor for Hezbollah, whose military role inside Syria has been growing steadily since the start of the conflict.

    The area around the once popular resort city was part of a major supply route for weapons sent by Syria to Hezbollah before the 2011 outbreak of the Syrian conflict, which has killed more than 200,000 people.

    The Syrian army is fighting on several other fronts. As well as battling rebels around the southern city of Deraa and the northern city of Aleppo, it has been fighting Islamic State as the militant group attempts to seize government-held areas of the northeastern city of Hasaka.