Theory of evolution.



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Speaking of evolution, I know it's taboo to suggest a correlation between race and intelligence, but I think Arabs and Africans are a less evolved specie of humans. Which explains why the Middle East and Africa are in such hot mess despite their wealth in natural resources.

Europeans and East Asians (Japan, China) have the highest IQs.

This is my theory anyway. Many scientists have conducted studies that prove that not all races are equally intelligent, but the PC brigade silenced them.
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    Theists are so big on scientific proof all of a sudden? :hilarious:
    In 1966, MIT engineers and eminent biologists met at the Wistar Institute to discuss problems with evolutionary theory. Paul Nelson describes what happened at the symposium, "Mathematical Challenges to the Neo-Darwinian Interpretation of Evolution."


    50 Years of Scientific Challenges to Evolution: Remembering The Wistar Symposium
    Cambrian Explosion: bigger problem for Darwinism than ever

    Major Problems with Darwinian Theory - Phillip E. Johnson
    if you want to think in terms of dice throwing, then not any outcome of the dice throwing produces life, but rather only one sequenced combination, ie one single permutation, produces life.

    most of that however is abstracted for the general masses. in order to know a little bit more about the subject research protein synthesis, all the way from the transcription to the messaging, to the decoding and reconstruction. which is all about encoding, messaging, decoding and reconstruction of precise information.

    these are good illustrations about the subject, they simply illustrate the process without diving into the probabilities.

    you know what genes are with respect to dna and rna? they are simply a coded sequence on the dna strand.
    you think this is the product of randomness?

    Found something for you :lol:

    Origin: Probability of a Single Protein Forming by Chance
    Origin: Probability of a Single Protein Forming by Chance