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Trump impeached



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I doubt it goes to the Senate, or that it was even meant to go there. I think Democrats needed something to boost their Presidential campaign for the next term, and they got something that will instead boost Trump campaign.
It has to go to Senate and it will or Democrats will lose the bragging rights about impeachment.

See, if it will not go to Senate, than it will not be "finalized" in the House and next House session, which is most likely going to be Republican majority can reopen impeachment hearings and retry Trump with acquittal.

To make matters even worse for Democrats during re-trial Republicans will call new and re-call old witnesses with much greater effect.

Would you like to see Schiff or Hillary or Nadler or Pelosi or Bidens on the stand? I do, but I will not get this wish.
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    I might even say that Democrats probably gave him the next term on a silver plate.
    Sounds about right;)