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UAE Uae to welcome pope francis visit next february

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  • LVV

    Well-Known Member
    The pope had the time to visit the Middle East but not Lebanon ?? With his 2millions refugees
    Frankly....we miss Saint John Paul 2 love and attachement to Lebanon


    Well-Known Member
    The Vatican is after petro money as well.
    You mean Pope Francis really
    Look I disagree with him on a lot of issues but the guy is a Saint in his private life
    He doesn’t like money at all
    Wood cross
    A car of 2000 dollars
    A small apartment he left the 20 room official apartment of the pope


    Well-Known Member
    Good move by the Pope. There are thousands of thousands of christians living in the UAE. Nice gesture towards the christians there. All have built churches except KSA. Its their time soon.