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UK, US, France and Germany condemn russian nerve agent attack on UK


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i have a bad news for may , and her arab cheer leaders..

Russia said U.S. no longer rules the world, adding that the 500-year-old Western leadership is coming to an end

The Kremlin's top diplomat blamed recent tensions on the "categorical reluctance of the United States and its western allies to agree that the 500-year-long period of western domination in world affairs is coming to an end..!" saying such a transition would be difficult for those who "are in the habit of ruling the world for centuries."


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Hilarious though. But you’re right, there were never any plots, conspiracies or murders in the USSR.
of course there was .. im not stating that communist were saints ..
but they werent killing peple left and right as the western propaganda show them ..
russian had gulag , where ennemies of the soviet revolution were sent to.. no one deny it .. it was a time of war , remember that russia faced few wars
and if u want my personal opinion , i am a big supporter of such education camps , which could be the best solution against corrupt politicians , traitors , and gands and criminals ..
russia was under war threat , remember 20 millions russians gave their lives to defeat nazism ..and some of russia were conspiring with the nazi regime and the west to topple the soviet union , ( see vlassov issue , the trotsky treason , the jewish plot of doctors etc ..)

lets talk about the real criminals ... the crimes of the colonialist west , in africa , in asia and in middle east and in south america ... ?
if it werent for russia , the jihadies will be knocking on the doors of beirut now , remember that the west was supporting and financing those jihadis in syria .

about this issue , i think it exactly the same as those 2 stasi guys ( go to the min 8.30 )

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UK found the mother of all evidence! #RussianNoobs :cool:

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@gramsci was spotted in the UK! :)

thats tommy robinson, uk's biggest anti-eu anti & islamization voice, and frankly what he did in that video in a post brexit uk is completly warranted.

a chilling talk he had with a member of the house of lords a few days ago, this may warrant its own thread but am too lazy :p

his time on utube and twitter is ticking, probably getting banned pretty soon


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Its time to open the murder case of lady Diana too ..
typical soviet propagandist whataboutism :D
I told u sweetie that when US and UK and Germany politics starts Italy will be in the line :) 2 RF diplomats kicked out . hahahahahahahhaha
RF visit didn't help :D