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February 16, 2011

Libyan police dispersed an anti-regime protest in the city of Benghazi overnight, prompting a show of strength by supporters of Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi in a number of cities, media said Wednesday.

Website Libya al-Youm said police used "force" to disperse a crowd gathered outside a police post in Benghazi while the BBC quoted witnesses as saying stones were thrown at police who responded with tear gas, water cannon and rubber bullets.

The protest was started by families of 14 people killed at a 2006 Islamist rally in Benghazi, Libya's second city, who gathered outside the police post to demand the release of their lawyer Fethi Tarbel, online news portal Al-Manara said.

Tarbel, who had been arrested for unknown reasons, was freed under pressure from the families, according to another online news site, Qurina.

But the crowd of protesters grew and they began chanting anti-regime slogans such as "The people will end the corruption" and "The blood of the martyrs will not be in vain," before police moved in to disperse them.

Soon afterward, state television showed hundreds of demonstrators taking to the streets of Benghazi as well as the capital Tripoli and the cities of Syrte and Sebha in a show of support for Qaddafi.

The veteran leader is facing rare Internet calls for protests on Thursday by activists buoyed by the ouster of veteran strongmen on its eastern and western borders, in both Egypt and Tunisia.

The demonstrations are being called to commemorate the deaths of the 14 protesters killed in 2006 but they are being fuelled by the wave of protests that has swept through the Arab world, rocking regimes that have long seemed unmovable.

-AFP/NOW Lebanon

This uprising is going all over the ME. About bloody time the arabs wake up!!


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I do not know much about Lybia, but from what I have been told is that Lybians are not hungry and poor like Egyptians so I do not think the environment is ready for a revolt.

On a personal level I like Kadafi and his shenanigans, the guy is a goof and would be a loss on the world stage, he is very entertaining.


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I do not know much about Lybia, but from what I have been told is that Lybians are not hungry and poor like Egyptians so I do not think the environment is ready for a revolt.

On a personal level I like Kadafi and his shenanigans, the guy is a goof and would be a loss on the world stage, he is very entertaining.

I agree. The poverty in Libya is not that much. It is about 7% which is not bad as Australia is about 5%.
But Gaddafi is a clown.


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The people do not revolt only because of poverty ,we have seen that many protestors in Tunisia and Egypt were from the middle class.
Freedom and Justice came above everything i believe.
On the contrary would i say ,the regimes manipulate the uneducated poors, who shout bil roh bil dam.
As for Libyan economy ,Ghadafi and his sons are more corrupt than Ben Ali and Mubarak ,but the country is a rich oil country ,with a small population size,so as much the regime is corrupt ,the people still get residual dividends.

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I find these two facts really interesting to share at the moment:

- Till mid-ninties, players of the Lybian nationanal football team and local league teams were called by their numbers on TVs and radio stations. Same applies to everyone else in the entertaintment business. Why?
Because only Moammar Qaddafi's name was allowed to be pronounced in the media!

- In schools, some time earlier, English courses were introduced in Lybia's curruculum system. Just to be cancelled one year later and the students all forced to burn their English leanring books! Why?
So that no one learns the most spread language in the world and get to know what reality they are living in through the Internet and foreign media outlets!
The official reason was that teaching English courses was considered as "Cultural Invasion". :D

The source of course is my new Lybian neighbor. A Chemical Engineer living in Germany.. 2ija bwa2to to tell about the real status in Lybia..

Those were just two simple examples.. Believe it or not, the Arabs were living in a world of their own in the past decades! They just didn't comprehend it that they were ruled by ruthless mercenary dictators. The majority of them of course.. Who were either brainwashed or forced to shut up.
At this time, mostly with the aid of Internet and social networks, the nations are waking up!
And soon enough every single regime will get toppled.

And here's a little video just to bring the smiles before the blood bath takes place:


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Anti-government activists in Libya have been using social networking sites to rally support for protests on what they are describing as a "day of anger". BBC News

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"Down with the enemies, down with them everywhere; down with the puppets everywhere, the puppets are falling, the autumn leaves are falling!”

Muammar Gaddafi

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Libye: au moins 4 morts dans des manifestations à Al-Baïda

NICOSIE (AFP) - Au moins quatre personnes ont été tuées mercredi en Libye dans des affrontements entre forces de l'ordre et manifestants anti-régime, dans la ville d'Al-Baïda (est), ont rapporté jeudi des sites d'opposition et des ONGs libyennes, basés à l'étranger.

"Les forces de la Sécurité intérieure et des milices des comités révolutionnaires ont dispersé, en usant des balles réelles, une manifestation pacifique de jeunes de la ville d'Al-Baïda", faisant "au moins quatre morts et plusieurs blessés", a indiqué dans un communiqué Libya Watch, une organisation de défense des droits de l'Homme basée à Londres.

Des sites d'opposition, dont Libya Al-Youm, basé à Londres, ont fait état également d'au moins quatre manifestants tués par balles réelles.

L'organisation libyenne Human Right Solidarity, basée à Genève, qui cite des témoins a indiqué de son côté que des snipers postés sur des toits ont tué 13 manifestants et blessé des dizaines d'autres.

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Libye: sept morts dans des affrontements à Benghazi

TRIPOLI (AFP) - Sept personnes ont été tuées jeudi dans des affrontements entre forces de l'ordre et manifestants anti-régime à Benghazi, deuxième plus grande ville de Libye, ce qui porte le bilan total des violences dans le pays à neuf morts, a indiqué à l'AFP une source médicale locale.

"Sept manifestants ont été tués dans les manifestations de jeudi à Benghazi", a déclaré cette source médicale sous couvert de l'anonymat, sans donner d'autres précisions.

Peu après, le journal Quryna, proche de Seif al-Islam, fils du numéro un libyen Mouammar Kadhafi, a confirmé le même bilan, en citant une "source sécuritaire responsable".

Un précédent bilan de l'opposition faisait état de six morts à Benghazi, deuxième ville du pays, située à 1.000 km à l'est de Tripoli.

Auparavant, Quryna avait fait état de deux manifestants tués à Al-Baïda, une ville située à 200 km à l'est de Benghazi.

Des manifestations violentes ont également eu lieu à Zenten (145 km au sud-ouest de Tripoli) où plusieurs personnes ont été arrêtées et des postes de police et un bâtiment public incendiés, a indiqué Quryna sur son site internet, affirmant que ces affrontement n'avaient pas fait de morts.

Ces rassemblements hostiles au pouvoir sont inspirés par les révoltes en Tunisie et en Egypte, pays frontaliers de la Libye.

Alors que des appels ont été lancés sur Facebook pour faire de jeudi une "Journée de la colère" contre le régime, des centaines de manifestants pro-régime étaient toujours rassemblés jeudi soir sur la Place verte au coeur de la capitale où les appels à la révolte n'ont pas été suivis.

"Kadhafi, le père de tout le peuple", "la foule soutient la révolution et le leader", pouvait-on lire sur leurs pancartes.

Jeudi soir, peu après minuit (10H00 GMT), le colonel Kadhafi a fait une brève apparition sur la place verte où il s'est offert un bain de foule, selon des images transmis par la télévision nationale.

Des centaines de manifestants pro-régime ont défilé aussi à Benghazi, Syrte (est), Sebha (sud) et Toborouk (est), selon des images de la télévision d'Etat diffusées en boucle.


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from all the tyrants in the arab word, kazzafi is by far the worst
not only he robbed his nation but alos kept it very backward

at least mbrak or zein tried to create some businesses if for their own benefit
but kazafi did nothing and kept lybia so backward


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I moved the thread here because it seems the situation is escalating and things getting serious, but the media attention is nothing compared to the Egyptian situation, so whoever comes across any piece of news (even from social media sites), post them here


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Al-Jazeera reporter: Eye witnesses say security forces in Libya opened up with live ammunition on protesters in Benghazi

Comrade Bassam

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عاجل | ليبيا | اخبار عن انضمام الجيش الى المتظاهرين في مواجهة الأفارقة المرتفقة والمتظاهرون يحتشدون حولهم فى بنغازى