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US Elections 2020 - Presidential, Congressional and Local [J.R. BIDEN POTUS]

Who do you support in the upcoming US elections?

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Not at all, it’s not an argument, it’s a fact. But you are not interested in facts, hence no need to engage further.
Also, I only have less than 200$ in my account, I need to save on internet quota so It can last till end of the month 😂

Lol, a “fact” and yet you can’t offer us ONE supporting argument for it. Sad, CNN has really played one on you....


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Lol, a “fact” and yet you can’t offer us ONE supporting argument for it. Sad, CNN has really played one on you....
So “clever” and so “rich” yet you cannot see what’s staring you in the face... and you need others to explain and offer arguments... sad!


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i don't recall conversing with you much, most of it has been in this thread where you display a childish attitude towards Trump losing to Biden fair and square. it is quite clear who is full of it... here is no need to engage further

Of course you cannot remember - you do not like to remember the failure of not being able to answer simple direct questions.


I’m still trying to figure out how exactly this is good for America. This is what happens when stupid people are allowed to vote;



Trash people. They make themselves out to be so innocent and pure, when they’re really all a bunch of incompetent phonies.

This is why they can’t leave Trump alone. They need someone to project all their deep-seated guilt towards;



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I don’t understand her move
She is courageous
But with 80 percent of Republicans with Trump
She killed any chance to get the republican nomination in 2024,
Trump will not and should not be a candidate in 2024 but he will be the kingmaker
His son or an ally will represent the republicans or perhaps the republicans will choose a new person
I hope a new female candidate will be chosen


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Here is a classic example how Democrats insist on engaging in losing battles making their opponent look good even after they have won….

US Senate ACQUITS Trump, ex-president cleared of incitement charges — RT USA News

US Senate ACQUITS Trump, ex-president cleared of incitement charges​


The US Senate has failed to gather enough votes to convict former President Donald Trump, after a Democrat-led impeachment trial. Trump had been accused of "incitement of insurrection" after his supporters rioted on Capitol Hill.
In a 57-43 vote on Saturday, the Senate acquitted Trump and brought to a close the second unsuccessful impeachment effort against him. The 57 'guilty' votes fell short of the two-thirds majority needed to convict Trump.

Seven Republican Senators broke ranks with their party to find Trump guilty, although 17 would have been needed to secure a conviction.

Trump was impeached last month, for the second time, over his words to supporters on January 6, when he encouraged them to "fight like hell" against what he maintained was a "rigged election."
Though Trump had urged his followers to protest the certification of the election "peacefully and patriotically, "some of these supporters went on to force their way inside the US Capitol, with the ensuing riot briefly halting the certification process. One Trump supporter was shot dead by Capitol police, a police officer died in unclear circumstances, and three other participants died of "health emergencies" during the fracas. Two police officers committed suicide in the days following the riot.
ALSO ON RT.COMSurprise, surprise! New York Times finds Trump ‘GUILTY’ in its own impeachment trial verdict
Democrats accusing Trump of inciting the debacle displayed video montages of the ex-president firing up his supporters at rallies and speeches, while Trump's defense team played footage of Democrats making similarly incendiary speeches to their own followers and suffering no legal blowback.
With Trump now cleared of all charges, the former president is free to run again for office if he so wishes, a move that a majority of Republican voters say they would support.

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