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US Elections 2020 - Presidential, Congressional and Local [J.R. BIDEN POTUS]

Who do you support in the upcoming US elections?

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They’re losing a lot of money without Trump, kinda like how my friends and close relatives are also losing big time since Trump left office;



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Moving to NY?! I’m not sure how you’d come to these conclusions, with companies at the weekly announcing they’re leaving to Texas. Even the NASDAQ is talking to the Texas governor...
Everybody wants to go to texas now :p


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Biden said that There was no vaccine before him as a President


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Texans who mocked Californians during the power outages of last year's record fire season are now eating their words.

"wind" and "solar" are being promoted by Californians.
Texas still can mock those Green fools and you along with them and revert to more reliable sources of energy while at it.