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US Elections 2020 - Presidential, Congressional and Local [J.R. BIDEN POTUS]

Who do you support in the upcoming US elections?

  • Donald Trump

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HA allied with communists? I would love to have a right/left divide in lebanon vs. What we have today... mafis

Yes, Hezbollah and Iran have always been close to leftist/communist causes. Maybe not “allies,” but there’s still some brotherly love going on there; for example, the friendship Iran has with various parts of South America....


So he lied about canceling student debt and a minimum wage increase, but hey, at least he’s allowing in tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants into the country; and look- transsexuals can now command the army! Progress!

Of course, these polices show that those who voted for Biden don’t care for America. I’ve personally seen these people with my own eyes. They’re mostly low self-esteem immigrants who barely speak proper English. Obummer let a lot of trash into the country.....