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US Elections 2020 - Presidential, Congressional and Local [TRUMP vs BIDEN]

Who do you support in the upcoming US elections?

  • Donald Trump

  • Joe Biden

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The Bidenator

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That’s the point. Even a “third-world” country isn’t taking his presumed leadership seriously. Mexicans know BS when they see it....
First world countries do, so third world countries do not really matter. Most importantly, majority of Americans and our state and federal election officials consider Biden to be the President-Elect. December 8 deadline to certify, December 14 electoral college votes. Save those Dates baby.

I suggest you buy Trump some lube. He's getting khazou2 after khazou2 in court and outside of it. And I hope he continues this sore loser conduct well into January, he will cost the GOP the two Senate seats in Georgia.


But CNN and Stephen Colbert said Trump won in 2016. Were they credible then???

Lol, the Left was rioting and accusing Trump of treason (by colluding with Russia); with Hillary calling him an illegitimate president, and many Democrats boycotting his inauguration. Not to mention several years of a pointless investigation and a politically-motivated impeachment.

And now the loser Colbert is crying fake tears on air, him and the Left want us all to readily accept the 2020 results, even though clear irregularities took place, and despite the fact that they never really recognized the legitimacy of Trump to begin with!

Watters explains it all;