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Reporter ‘reassigned’ from WH job after Pompeo & ‘woke’ media fight it out at Voice of America headquarters — RT USA News

Reporter ‘reassigned’ from WH job after Pompeo & ‘woke’ media fight it out at Voice of America headquarters​


Press freedom is a partisan issue in Washington. State Secretary Mike Pompeo wants reporters to drop the wokeness and focus on what makes America great, again, while journalists want to fight for their right to grandstand.
Voice Of America reporter Patsy Widakuswara has reportedly been pulled from her job covering the White House, NBC reported on Tuesday. Widakuswara has been reporting on the Trump administration for the state-funded broadcaster since 2018, and was due to travel to Alamo, Texas, on Air Force One on Tuesday, but was ordered by VOA higher-ups to remain at home, NBC continued.
The decision didn’t come out of nowhere. One day earlier, Widakuswara followed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo out of VOA’s Washington headquarters, shouting questions at the nation’s top diplomat. Widakuswara pressed Pompeo on what he was doing “to repair US reputation around the world” after last week’s Capitol Hill riot, and whether he regretted saying “there will be a second Trump administration.”

Pompeo ignored Widakuswara’s questioning and left the building.

Reporters often continue to ask politicians questions as they leave briefings and conferences, and many use the opportunity to heckle officials with politically loaded commentary. CNN’s Jim Acosta has made these outbursts his trademark, and has been publicly scolded by Donald Trump for them, with the president telling the confrontational newsman last February “you ought to be ashamed of yourself.”

To Widakuswara, Pompeo’s refusal to respond was news in itself, and she posted a clip of the encounter on Twitter on Monday evening, castigating “the nation’s top diplomat” for “ignoring my questions.”

In the Widakuswara vs. Pompeo spat, both sides are unhappy with each other. Days earlier, VOA journalists protested the Secretary of State’s visit to their headquarters, accusing the network of “grossly misusing government resources and endangering public health and safety” by giving Pompeo a platform to speak for the Trump administration.

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Pompeo used his platform to criticize those exact stunts. After urging VOA to “broadcast that this is the greatest nation the world has ever known,” Pompeo pivoted to bashing the network’s journalists for attempting to stop his speech.

"Censorship, wokeness, political correctness, it all points in one direction – authoritarianism, cloaked as moral righteousness,” he said. “It's similar to what we're seeing at Twitter, and Facebook, and Apple, and on too many university campuses."

Both sides accuse each other of authoritarianism. While Pomepo sees the relentless wokeness of VOA and its ilk as undermining America’s image abroad and frustrating the Trump administration’s agenda, VOA staff see Pompeo as trying to exert undue control over the free press.

Pompeo’s allegations against VOA are “consistent with a larger assault on the press that we have long seen by this administration," David Kligerman, general counsel at the US Agency for Global Media, VOA’s parent organization, told CNN on Tuesday. “It is a dangerous trope...to be broadcasting into those audiences in unfree countries, like China, Iran, and Russia, that we serve – that journalists should toe the party line.”

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While Pompeo and VOA differ on which image of America to broadcast to the world, the purpose of the network has always been to beam Washington’s views into foreign lands. Used during the Cold War to broadcast American propaganda beyond the Iron Curtain, its mission has since been less well defined. With the network generally critical of the Trump administration, the White House accused VOA last year of “spend[ing] your money to speak for authoritarian regimes.”

What image of America foreign audiences get from the likes of VOA will likely depend on who wins the battle of ideas back in Washington. President Trump has taken a dim view of the press’ woke ideology, and pushed back on several occasions. His announcement last year of the creation of a “1776 Commission” to promote “patriotic education,” for example, was a direct response to the New York Times’ ‘1619 Project,’ a reframing of US history as a tale of “white supremacy.”

For now, if Widakuswara’s removal from White House duties are anything to go by, it seems that at least some newsroom bosses are open to reporting the news through Pompeo’s red white and blue glasses.


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Last ditch effort by HONEST POMPEO to justify war against Iran for Trump to hand it over to the next administration..

‘Reheated propaganda’: Pompeo speech claiming al-Qaeda has ‘home base’ in Iran roasted as ‘absurd’ pretext for conflict — RT USA News

‘Reheated propaganda’: Pompeo speech claiming al-Qaeda has ‘home base’ in Iran roasted as ‘absurd’ pretext for conflict​


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was treated to a heavy dose of ridicule after claiming – without showing evidence – that the al-Qaeda terrorist group has a “home base” in Iran. Many dismissed the charge as an excuse for war.
In his speech on Tuesday – which came just one day after Pompeo reportedly met with the head of Israeli intelligence – America’s top diplomat alleged that al-Qaeda is now active in Iran, urging for Washington to “confront” and “defeat” the terrorist group in its newfound base of operations.
“We ignore this Iran-Al-Qaeda nexus at our own peril,” he warned, calling the Islamic Republic a “safe haven” for Osama bin Laden’s brainchild.
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Pompeo’s charges were soon met with mockery online, as journalists lined up to school the secretary of state on the basic facts of the region’s politics. Al Jazeera’s Hashem Said, for example, noted that “anyone with even a fragment of Mideast geopolitical knowledge” is aware that Tehran and al-Qaeda – a Shia-majority nation and a Sunni jihadist group with longstanding animosities – “hate each other.”

A foreign policy advisor for Senator Bernie Sanders, Matt Duss, also pointed out that had Pompeo possessed any “valid intel” proving the alleged AQ-Iran axis, “you can be quite sure he wouldn't have waited until a week before he leaves office to roll it out,” given the secretary of state’s perpetually hawkish stance toward Tehran.
READ MORE: Reporter ‘reassigned’ from WH job after Pompeo & ‘woke’ media fight it out at Voice of America headquarters
Anti-war commentators Caitlin Johnstone and Dan Cohen observed that in press coverage of Pompeo’s speech, some outlets chose to stress the lack of “hard evidence” behind his charges – despite refusing to append the same qualifier to equally “evidence-free claims” in the past.
“You can tell whether a US government narrative is going to have significant geostrategic consequences based on whether or not the mass media get behind it,” wrote Johnstone. “That's how you know if it's being pushed by feeble partisan forces or something much stronger.”

Trita Parsi, an Iran specialist and the executive vice president at the Quincy Institute, meanwhile, said Pompeo’s remarks were “bizarre” and merely a way to “undermine any chance of peace and diplomacy between the US and Iran,” arguing that “false claims of Iran-al Qaeda ties have been peddled by the Trump administration before.”
Just as [Pompeo] and Trump have fueled conflict within the US, he's also seeking to fuel conflict between the US and Iran on his way out.

Some critics took a different approach, with freelance journalist Neri Zilber wondering aloud why – after having had four years to tackle the supposed “threat” from the terrorist-state supergroup – Pompeo would now lay the problem “at the feet” of the incoming Joe Biden administration. “Are any of us supposed to take this Pompeo presser seriously?” he asked.

Pompeo – who left his post as CIA director to head up the State Department in 2018 – has long been among the most vocally hawkish figures in Trump’s administration, frequently going on the offensive against Iran, China, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea and other so-called “adversaries.” He has taken point on Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign against Tehran, which aims to reduce the country’s vital oil exports to “zero,” while repeatedly charging imminent attacks by Iran-backed militias in Iraq, often citing little to no evidence.


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Georgia Man Charged In U.S. Capitol Attack Dies By Suicide​


A 53-year-old Georgia man who faced charges in connection to last Wednesday’s attack on the U.S. Capitol has died by suicide, according to the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Must be Antifa who killed him


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So did he "grab hin"?