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Trump ridicules Biden for saying he’s running ‘for the Senate,’ forgetting Romney’s name​


President Trump on Monday ridiculed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for mistakenly saying at a campaign stop he’s running “for the Senate” — and appearing to forget Mitt Romney’s name.

“‘I’m running as a proud Democrat, for the Senate’. Sleepy Joe Biden today,” Trump tweeted. “It’s only going to get worse. It is not sustainable for our County – China will own us!!!!”

In another tweet, Trump wrote, “Biden losing big in Florida. Only Fake Polls show otherwise! Bad for Healthcare. Thinks he’s running for the Senate. Forgot Mitt Romney’s name, and where he was!”

Trump often accuses Biden, 77, of going senile and fired off the tweets as he traveled to Sanford, Fla., for his first campaign trip after recovering from COVID-19.

At the rally, Trump told a roaring crowd, “Sleepy Joe Biden, not a nice guy, by the way… He had a very bad day today.

“If I ever had a day like he had today, they’d say ‘It’s over. It’s over.’ … He forgot Mitt Romney’s name. He didn’t know what state he was in. And he said today he’s a proud Democrat running for the US Senate.”

Trump joked, “Could you imagine if I did that? ‘Great to be with you. It’s great to be a wonderful developer from New York.’ They’d say ‘he’s out of here. Get him out.’”

Biden “has got a lot of bad days coming,” Trump said.

“The one thing I know for sure, President Xi of China… President Putin of Russia… Kim Jong Un…. they are 100 percent sharp. We have someone running who is not 100 percent, he’s not 80 percent, he’s not 60 percent.”

Biden made the mistakes during a Columbus Day campaign trip to Toledo, Ohio. He previously claimed he was running for Senate during a stop in South Carolina in February.

“You know, we have to come together. That’s why I’m running. I’m running as a proud Democrat for the Senate,” Biden said, “when I ran as a proud Democrat for vice president, and I’m running as a proud Democrat for president. But I promise you this, I will govern as an American president.”

The former vice president was a longtime senator from Delaware.

Appearing to forget Utah Sen. Romney’s name, Biden said on the tarmac, “I got in trouble when we were running against that senator who was a Mormon, the governor.” Romney was the Republican presidential nominee in 2012.


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I asked...
Does anyone ever want to defend this guy on his actual record or just complain about CNN and comedians?
And I guess I got my answer:
BTY, do you and Cooper still believe you know better what’s good for the President and he should follow your expert advice because you know his situation better than he knows it himself?

But stop posting hallow non sense Steven Cobert jokes. The clown is laughing at you all the way to the bank…
By the way, just replace Steven Colbert's name with Donald Trump's here and add a few zeros to the end and the power of the entire federal government to promote (or coerce the use of his properties in the US and abroad), and you have a much better example of being duped by a rich person :)


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FBI used MEDIA REPORTS seeded by British spy to ‘corroborate’ anti-Trump Steele Dossier, declassified spreadsheet shows​


The FBI sought to ‘verify’ information in the notorious dossier at the heart of Russiagate by using media articles seeded by the actual dossier author, British spy Christopher Steele, newly released evidence has shown.
The so-called Steele Dossier is the centerpiece of ‘Russiagate,’ the conspiracy theory that Donald Trump “colluded” with Moscow in the 2016 US presidential election. The dossier’s most bombastic claim was that Russia had “kompromat” on him in the form of sex tapes from a Moscow hotel involving urinating prostitutes.
Steele compiled the dossier for Fusion GPS, a DC-based firm paid by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign through the DNC. The FBI then used it to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign aide Carter Page in October 2016, and extended it three times well into 2017.

A 94-page spreadsheet made public on Monday, however, shows the FBI relied heavily on media reports to corroborate Steele’s claims – in many cases, the very same reports Steele had planted himself.
According to analyst Stephen McIntyre, footnotes listed in the spreadsheet show that 39 percent of the footnotes lead to Washington, DC media outlets, another 29 percent are redacted, and Steele himself was cited on 18 occasions, somehow self-verifying his own work.

In one instance, McIntyre notes, the FBI triple counted an article from the Daily Beast as three separate sources. Other media outlets named in the document are CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Yahoo News and Mother Jones.
The FBI had actually decided to fire Steele as a paid informant in September 2016 – before obtaining the Page warrant – because he leaked to the media, specifically to Yahoo and Mother Jones, but that never raised any red flags either with the warrant or the corroboration, apparently.
Moreover, the Bureau knew in December 2016 that the “primary sub-source” (PSS) for the dossier was a Russian national they had investigated as a foreign agent in 2009, but the probe was abandoned without explanation and this fact was never flagged. Even after interviewing the PSS in January 2017, and establishing that most of the dossier was fabricated outright, the FBI continued to use it at the FISA court to extend the Page warrant.
ALSO ON RT.COMFBI used Steele Dossier to spy on Trump, KNOWING its primary sub-source was a suspected ‘Russian agent,’ DOJ reveals
Another source the FBI used to corroborate Steele was Cody Shearer, a long-time Clinton operative who produced a memo alleging that Russian intelligence had a sex tape of Trump. That amounts to more circular reporting, however, as Steele was reportedly given the Shearer dossier by State Department official Jonathan Winer, and then handed it over to his FBI contacts in October 2016.

The spreadsheet is the first confirmation that the FBI actually used the ‘Shearer Dossier,’ the existence of which was first reported by The Guardian in January 2018, as part of a push by Democrats to show that the Steele dossier wasn’t the sole grounds for the FISA warrants.
Just last week, however, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe declassified notes from then-CIA chief John Brennan, who said he warned the Obama administration about a plan by Hillary Clinton to smear Trump with allegations of ‘Russian collusion’ as a means of “distracting the public from her use of a private email server” before the 2016 election.
ALSO ON RT.COM‘No redactions!’ Trump says he ordered TOTAL declassification of ALL Russiagate and Clinton email probe documents
The two-year probe by Special Counsel Robert Mueller came up with zero evidence of “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia, much less Trump himself – and while it argued that Moscow “meddled” in US elections, it offered no evidence beyond its own assertions contained in indictments that were subsequently dropped when challenged in court.
While all these revelations have amounted to an indictment of the entire ‘Russiagate’ affair, the media that gave each other awards for their coverage of ‘collusion’ has never apologized for any of it. To this day, millions of Americans continue to believe their president is a “Russian agent.”


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This is one of the reasons that justifies supporting Trump in spite of all his flaws.
This is also the reason the radical anti-Trump Cult gets disappointed with the polls each and every time without knowing why. They are too ignorant and arrogant at the same time. People who don't agree with their lunacy don't bother telling them whom they are voting for. And once the results come different, we better not miss the show of tears and crying like retards...

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