Useless facts and unnecessary knowledge- Did you know that...


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The great Greek genius Aristotle once stated that “all men by nature desire knowledge.”

but what kind of knowledge we desire?

Let this thread be a place to post some unnecessary facts and who knows it might interest someone

Did you know that

If you really want a drink from Starbucks and noticed they closed five minutes ago, you're in luck: they are allegedly still obligated to serve you. According to one employee, there is a rule where they have to open the store 10 minutes before the posted opening time and leave the doors unlocked for 10 minutes after the posted closing time.


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Did you know that

The famous Nike logo, a solid swoosh, was designed for just $35 by Carolyn Davidson, a student at Portland State University. Later on, she was given more than $640,000 worth of Nike products.


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Ooh another weird animal sex thing, there's a species of octopus where the males have evolved a detachable penis arm because the hungy females would often strangle and eat the male octopus. So they have evolved into flinging their arm at the female so she can go and f*ck herself :p


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The skin on the inside of your cheek is the same as the inside of a vagina

Also you just licked your cheek reading this ?
And if i tell you that you are breathing manually now and thinking about every breath...breath now

It gets annoying really fast.