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USA Violence and Civil Unrest in America [Daily protests ongoing against Racism and Police Brutality]

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    Please book me on the first flight to Portland:p

    The disappointing reality of Portland’s ‘Naked Athena’: ‘Revolutionaries’ thought-police themselves into apologizing

    A nude protester faces off against Federal law enforcement officers during a protest against racial inequality in Portland, Oregon, U.S. July 18, 2020. © REUTERS/Nathan Howard

    When the Portland protester anointed ‘Naked Athena’ told her story, the soaring narratives grafted onto her by eager journalists were laid bare as aspirational fiction. But the same could be said for the whole BLM ‘movement.’
    Naked Athena, a sex worker named Jen in “real life,” stunned the nation when images circulated of her cavorting in nothing but a knit cap and face mask as Portland police fired pepper balls at her bare feet. The same officers appeared to turn tail and flee when confronted by her exposed genitalia as she sat down spread-eagled on the pavement.
    Whatever one thought of the stunt, the footage was arresting. Jen was hailed as “the hero our country needs now” as writers scrambled to project their own ideas about the demonstrations in Portland and across the country onto her nude flesh, practically drooling over the literal blank slate they’d been presented with. Storytellers know a hook when they see one, and the naked lady performing what looked like interpretive dance (or ballet, or yoga poses, depending on the writer) in front of heavily armed riot cops was nothing if not a hook.

    Portland sex worker who stripped in front of cops as ‘Naked Athena’ says her nakedness was ‘POLITICAL’
    Portland sex worker who stripped in front of cops as ‘Naked Athena’ says her nakedness was ‘POLITICAL’
    Then Jen had to go and spoil it by giving an interview to Portland’s Unrefined Sophisticates podcast, in which she revealed her ‘protest’ was based on nothing more than a spur of the moment decision to strip off. Admitting “there wasn’t a lot of thought that went into it,” she told the podcast host “there’s almost not anywhere that you can’t find me naked.” While she propped up that somewhat anticlimactic explanation by adding “my nakedness is political,” and suggesting the stunt came from a “deep feminine place” within her that “felt provoked” by cops fronting like they were warriors, the absence of transcendent political declarations issuing forth from this stranger-dubbed Goddess of Wisdom was a bit of a letdown.
    Jen seemed to sense this, and sought to explain herself further. Her “message,” she said, was “we’re all out here, these protesters, [and] the only thing we have in common is, we have masks on and we’re out here at night. None of these people have weapons. Empty their pockets, take off their clothes – nobody has weapons here.”
    Later, she summed it up more succinctly: “I just wanted to make some feds uncomfortable.”
    It wasn’t the Earth-shattering statement we’d been led to expect from fawning article after sycophantic tweet hailing her as Lady Godiva, Joan of Arc, and, well, Athena rolled into one. But it’s probably unfair – not to mention unrealistic – to expect real-life Jen to deliver an explanation worthy of the icon she spawned. Jen even told the podcasters she thinks of ‘Naked Athena’ as a figure separate from herself and talks about “her” in the third person.
    After all, the lack of a considered political manifesto behind her stunt mirrors the lack of direction behind the demonstrations that have seized the nation’s attention (with a lot of help from the media establishment) for the past two months. The establishment’s official storytellers would have us believe the massive protests that broke out following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis were a spontaneous yet coherent and unified popular outcry against entrenched American racism – and indeed this narrative has been used to shove a stilted, corporate-safe parody of “tolerance” down the nation’s throat, characterized by self-flagellating seminars on “White Fragility” and groveling apologies for ‘insensitive’ social media posts.
    But the reality is much messier. A huge number of Americans driven half-mad with cabin fever over months of coronavirus lockdown saw in the protests a chance to escape, to get outside and socialize while venting the socially-unacceptable rage that had built up over job losses, sudden poverty, and the very real, very damaging isolation from loved ones imposed by cruel and stupid government policies. Are they anti-racist? Sure, most people abhor racism, no matter what the media claims. Are they against police violence? Of course – even many police officers were repulsed by the brutal video of Floyd’s killing.
    ALSO ON RT.COMAl Capone would be proud – Chicago is the corrupt, crime-infested murder capital of the US, a glimpse of a dystopian future
    But the majority of so-called “anti-fascist” protesters would be unable to cough up a coherent definition of the fascism they’re supposedly fighting against, or explain how the government of President Donald Trump embodies it more than, say, Barack Obama or George W. Bush. They’re no more able to articulate how “fascism” supposedly sprung fully-formed from Trump’s spray-tanned forehead in 2016 than Jen was able to muster the expert social justice babble her media biographers indirectly demanded of her with their call-outs (the irony of a Times or WaPo writer calling someone else privileged notwithstanding).
    While insisting she’d tried to “educate herself” about how her stunt would have gone down differently had she been darker-skinned or heftier, her attempts to apologize for her “privilege” (as a “non-black person of color” who apparently identified as white most of her life) came across even more stilted than the usual white mea culpas. Jen literally begged forgiveness for her erstwhile whiteness while acknowledging her stunt had briefly eclipsed the larger protests: “I am sorry for taking part in a society for so long that was built on principles of separation and oppression for financial gain. I’m sorry it took me this long to get around to the aspects of understanding that I hadn’t gotten around to yet,” she intoned in between self-administered cracks of the mental whip.
    I truly apologize for any harm, any feelings of sadness or grief or anger that my actions might have caused.
    Her clumsy apology was nominally addressed to black people who might have felt upstaged by her nudity, but she might as well have been apologizing to the oppressive system she was supposedly protesting. With that statement, Jen effectively joined the drab, cowed masses scanning the headlines for ideas on what to feel guilty about next, and utterly neutered, even negated her own protest. Her media critics might be happy (though they’ll doubtless find fault with her groveling), but any rebellious spirit onlookers might have glimpsed in her gutsy demonstration was effectively tamed. It wasn’t the Portland riot cops or President Donald Trump who made her meekly bend the knee, either – she did so preemptively, beaten down by her own internal thought police.
    ‘Naked Athena’ – silent, bold, defiant – might have inspired other rebels, but Jen – who came off as an inveterate rule-follower under her free-spirited sexually-liberated patter – certainly won’t. It’s her right to tell her story, of course, but the disappointing reality behind the largely-fictitious icon reveals just how much a successful uprising relies on skilled storytellers to uplift the masses – and how those same storytellers can keep them down. If the people crying out for change in the streets are at the same time cringing back in fear, preemptively apologizing lest something they do or say hurt the feelings of a more oppressed group, they will remain forever ineffective.
    This state of fear-based paralysis is precisely where the narrative-managers want them – and where the Trump administration wants them. Any suggestion these forces are at odds is laughable. The protesters (indeed, all Americans) have a lot to be angry about – entire generations have been occluded from the American Dream – but casting everything in terms of race litters the proverbial playing field with broken glass and land mines and guarantees few will be brave enough to take the first step toward a genuine, multiracial class consciousness. The revolution will not be apologized for.


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    Geagea must be in town:lol::lol::lol:


    Seattle PD impound van full of ‘explosives, stun guns & spike strips’ at precinct after violent protests (PHOTOS)
    30 Jul, 2020


    The Seattle police said that they have recovered a large haul of pyrotechnic explosives, stun guns, bear spray and sets of spike strips in a van abandoned by protesters after they wrought havoc in the city over the weekend.
    In a press conference on Wednesday, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best revealed that officers decided to search a vehicle used by protesters and subsequently left near the East Precinct on Saturday, explaining they feared it could have been rigged with explosives.
    Because of the manner in which the vehicle was parked and abandoned, there was a real fear that it would contain explosive devices that could detonate
    The van was “closely” following the protesters, who were seen “removing items [from the vehicle] and distributing them to people within the group” amid fierce clashes with law enforcement on Saturday.

    © YouTube/ KING 5
    Among the items that had been handed out to the protesters were “baseball bats, pyrotechnic explosives, APR respirators, face masks and improvised shields,” Best noted.

    © YouTube/ KING 5
    However, police were in for an even bigger surprise when they obtained a warrant to search the unattended vehicle, finding a cache of weapons inside, including pyrotechnic explosives, unlit smoke bombs, bear mace, pepper spray, stun guns and improvised spike strips.

    © YouTube/ KING 5
    Best said that bringing a van filled to the brim with munitions is not consistent with the notion of “peaceful protesters.”
    Peaceful protesters do not show up with a van full of bear spray, stun guns, spike strips, and explosives
    Seattle was rocked with one of the most violent protests to date on Saturday, when a huge crowd of demonstrators flocked to the county juvenile detention facility, setting fire to construction trailers and vandalizing businesses along the way. The officers were pelted with stones, bottles, liquid-filled balloons and other projectiles, as well as “some sort of explosives,” with police eventually declaring a riot and arresting at least 25 people for assaults on law enforcement.


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    بذكرني: بمضى على تعهد بعدم التعرض من جديد
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    بالاخير ما حدا أحسن من حدا

    Detained Portland demonstrators are required to stay away from future protests to get out of jail


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    Portland sees 150-round shooting at apartment building, as crowds continue violent clashes with police


    Question of the day: Why did it take so long to release the cam-footage? Could it be because it blasts a major hole in the BLM/media narrative?



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    @Mrsrx You won't see this on CNN:)

    Leaked bodycam footage shows entirety of George Floyd arrest – supporting cops’ AND protesters’ narratives (DISTURBING VIDEO)



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    @Mrsrx You won't see this on CNN:)

    Leaked bodycam footage shows entirety of George Floyd arrest – supporting cops’ AND protesters’ narratives (DISTURBING VIDEO)

    View attachment 20267
    you do:

    stop tagging me in every RT post ... it shows that you completely missed the point of my comment.


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    WATCH Antifa clash with Proud Boys in Portland, as police refuse to declare a riot & let violent brawls ‘resolve themselves’

    Proud Boys vs. BLM & Antifa: VICIOUS Portland clashes with paintballs & street brawls caught on VIDEO

    WATCH ‘Give ‘Em Hell’ protesters smash windows & set fires across Denver, try to breach Colorado State Capitol fence

    Louisiana cops shoot & kill black man as he ‘walks away’, tries to enter gas station ‘armed with a knife’ (DISTURBING VIDEOS)

    Riot cops face off with BLM protesters in Lafayette, Louisiana after police shooting of Trayford Pellerin (VIDEOS)


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    Riots & looting in Kenosha, Wisconsin as police reportedly shoot black man in the back SEVEN TIMES (VIDEO)
    24 Aug, 2020 05:10


    People attacked a courthouse and threw Molotov cocktails at officers in Wisconsin after a viral video of yet another police shooting of a black man sparked heated protests.
    Rioters broke into the local courthouse and started a fire on the ground floor, as looting was reported in the area.

    A clip circulating on social media shows an angry crowd surrounding a patrol car. A Molotov cocktail was thrown at the officers. A few seconds later one officer was seen suddenly falling to the ground, while a bystander said that he “just got bricked.”

    Rallies were held on the streets with protesters chanting “No justice, no piece.” People demonstrated outside the Kenosha County Public Safety Building despite a curfew that was imposed until 7am on Monday.
    Local media reported that people were smashing the windows of parked police cars.
    Public anger was sparked by a police-involved shooting on Sunday night. The chilling video that quickly went viral shows a black man walking towards an SUV followed by two officers, when one of them opened fire at the man as he opened the car door. According to reports, at least seven shots were fired.

    Police said they were responding to a “domestic incident,” without giving any additional details.
    The victim, Jacob Blake, 29, was airlifted to a hospital in Milwaukee. A man claiming to be his friend wrote on social media that Blake was “out of surgery and in the ICU.”

    Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers compared the shooting of Blake to the death of George Floyd and other black Americans who were killed in altercations with police.
    “While we do not have all of the details yet, what we know for certain is that he is not the first black man or person to have been shot or injured or mercilessly killed at the hands of individuals in law enforcement,” Evers stated.


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    Vehicles & stores BURN in Kenosha for 2nd night as rioters defy curfew in wake of police shooting (VIDEOS)

    Another night of rioting and vandalism has rocked Kenosha, Wisconsin, with protesters seen setting stores and cars ablaze and clashing with the National Guard and police, who used crowd control weapons against violent rioters.
    Neither the deployment of the National Guard, nor the curfew that took effect at 8 pm on Monday evening deterred protesters, some of them toting guns, from taking to the streets of Kenosha for the second night in a row.

    The unrest was sparked by the shooting of 29-year-old Jacob Blake, a black man, by police on Sunday. Blake was shot seven times from behind and is now being treated in hospital for his injuries.The showdown between Blake and the officers, said to be over a domestic violence incident, was caught on a cellphone camera, with the footage triggering mass protests in the city which have quickly spiraled into riots, looting and vandalism.
    ALSO ON RT.COMDocuments show Jacob Blake, shot by Kenosha cops in riot-unleashing incident, has record of domestic abuse

    On Monday evening, protesters set out marching toward the courthouse, protected by lines of officers clad in full riot gear. It did not take long before protesters began hurling objects at police, who moved to clear out the crowd with control munitions, including rubber bullets and tear gas, forcing the gathered to scatter.

    Just like the previous night, the unrest has been accompanied by vandalism, with protesters filmed setting fire to garbage trucks parked near the courthouse.
    Another video shows a man throwing a molotov cocktail into the truck, which caught fire within seconds. Blaze TV’s reporter Elijah Shaffer, who filmed the arson attempt, tweeted that the same man had also destroyed another dump truck moments earlier.

    A fire has also broken out at a Department of Corrections facility in the city.

    After damaging public city property, protesters turned their anger to private businesses, with another video showing them trashing vehicles at a car dealership.

    The vandals have torched several other businesses, including a furniture store, and have torn down street lights.

    The first night of mayhem on Monday has left scores of cars scorched and businesses ransacked, prompting Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers to call in National Guard troops to quell the violence.