Syria War in Syria - News and Updates[Year 2015 Events]

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How about pink color?
Can a 14 year old wear a pink color garbage bag over her head and body or is that gonna give the believers a hardon?

Just because mohammad and his followers can't contain their emotions in public, it doesn't mean that millions of girls and women should suffer suffocation.


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From FSA liberated Idlib
rijal sadaqo ma 3ahado alla

From right to Left:
Saddam Hussein, Oussama bin Laden, ... Wait a minute! is that Anthony Quinn?!

Somebody's mixed up between Mulla Omar and the actor behind Omar Mukhtar it seems...



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Here we have another paradox.

That's the difference between our religion and yours, we can't reform our religion because it is the word of God transferred to us by the prophet Mohammad, while yours have nothing to do with Issa Ibn Mariam 3alayhi al salam because your religion comes from the law of the Roman empire and its rituals.

Go and read the Holy Bible before you utter such a nonsens, maybe you will see the light.
I will not begin the discussion of my religion is right and yours is wrong with an ISIS supporter. Enjoy the last day of the year and get your wet dreams, because your ISIS Terrorists have killed dozens of innocent Christians in a restaurant in Qamishly


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شبكة أخبار إدلب I.N.N
1 hr ·
شبكة أخبار إدلب I.N.N من داخل قرية القصب بريف اللاذقية بعد سيطرة رجال الجيش العربي السوري عليها


قرية جنان الاستراتيجية بريف حماة الجنوبي الشرقي عيونها خضر
داعش تتبنى التفجير بمستودع للاسلحة في حريتان بريف حلب الشمالي تابع للجبهة الشامية
الجيش العربي السوري يسيطر على قرية الصمدانية الغربية ويتابع تقدمه باتجاه بلدة الحميدية بريف القنيطرة


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Ivan Sidorenko ‏@IvanSidorenko1 9h9 hours ago

مصدر عسكري: وحدات من الجيش تبسط سيطرتها على قرى وبلدات زور سريحين والمكتوت وجنان والصارومية ورعبون والمخرز والمرادية بريف
#حماة الشرقي
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