War in Syria - religious/sectarian angle


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    It is a war as many wars occurred in the past, where religion is used to serve political intrest.

    Whether Christianity or Islam, both religions are victims of competing players.

    Tomorrow, all sits on a round table for settlements as if nothing happened, w darb tele3 belli ra7
    It seems as the war has taken a more "sectarian" angle in the latest period... As everyone knows most of the rebels are sunni-extremists. But there are a lot of different Shia-militias fighting for the loyalists also now and from what i've heard about things shia militias has done in Iraq I think one can assume that they are somewhat "shia" extremists.

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    and these are the moderates :)
    but to be fair, i spotted a potential atheist at minute 7:25 to the far left of the screen, this is the guy who is all worked out and jumping up and down with the song, he's obviously putting so much effort into it to cover up for something, no doubt for the fact that he is secular, there is no other explanation; it is an honest formula, the more secular one is the more frantically he has to dance to that tune; but i don't think the takfiris are smart enough to realize it.

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    This is a thread to discuss any religious or sectarian angle of the Syrian War.
    Is it a war between the Chiaa axis and the Sunni axis?
    is it now a war between The Christian/Orthodox axis vs. the Sunni/Muslim axis?
    is the WORLD facing a religious/sectarian conflict as a result of the Syrian war?

    Please keep the other thread War in Syria - News and Updates[Year 2015 Events] | The Orange Room - Lebanon's number one discussion forums for Updates and Analysis of the actual war in Syria.
    if you keep digging up this path you're gonna find religion ya Nito :p

    it's been a sectarian war from day one on all levels, it is also a sectarian war within sunni islam itself, the more tolerant near eastern version of sunnism versus the desert version propagated by the petrodollar and wahhabism, there are plenty of sunnis fighting on bachar's side and rooting for him; these are generally the more learned ones, the ones who know earth isn't flat.

    it is normal for qatar and turkie to label the russian interference as a Christian war against muslims and islam, heck after saving their necks from the bloody ottomans france is still referred to as a colonial occupier even in our region, and if it wasn't for france we would be bracing for the next inkshare raid on jabal lebnen, and the jabi would be still be knocking on our doors asking for the jezya. so chances are that in a couple of decades or so, even bachar people will refer to the russian action as a 3edwen salibi. such is the nature of our predicament..
    لازم نفرق بين الإسلام الوهابي/الأخونجي والإسلام المحمدي. وعلى فكرة أغلبية الجيش السوري من المسلمين الذين يدافعون عن وجود المسيحي والمسلم


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    For me war is never really religious.
    War is governed by interests, however to be able to motivate the masses, warlords use any sensitive subject to which people are likely to react.


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    For me war is never really religious.
    War is governed by interests, however to be able to motivate the masses, warlords use any sensitive subject to which people are likely to react.
    This is not totally true in case of the Syrian war. Most of 'jihadists' are driven by PURE religious motives. To be more specific, the "jihadists" in Syria believe that they are fulfilling the prophecy that the prophet talked about, something like the Christian Armagadon. That's why you see that they were able to gather and recruit huge numbers of wahhabis from all over the world. They believe that they are the muslim "elites".
    What you said applies to the countries supporting them.