Websites blocked in my college....


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Guys my friend told me about this site cuz in my uni they have blocked all the mp3 sites & facebook & alfa.
this site can unlock those sites so when u log on vtunnel you can write & enjoy the site bala ma yhess 3alayna M.Mezhir.

But fiyo problem: this site doesn't allow any download, ya3ne when u click on Save Target As a html page will be downloaded & not the mp3 or the desired file...

So if anyone knows a site like this one which allow downloads plz tell me about it.

10x in advance
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All you need is to have a proxy server through which you can access your sites.

If you can get some known (by you) proxy sites, that would be great, otherwise, just google some and use a free proxy site.

Now there's the sensibility of the information you're sending. If you think any of the information you're sending over the network is important enough for you not to trust a random third party, then don't use it. In other words, I guess don't use any credit card number or some similar information ... as for facebook passwords etc, you should be OK.

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Metallica i didn't know this (the site leads to some pornographic sites)
anyway all i want is another website (maximum send it to me in a PM) so i can download mp3s here in the college (FAST so Fast connection...)
10x in advance


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I think proxies are illegal and talking bout them wont be allowed.
Thats what they always tell me when I speak bout it in a computer forum.