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seems trudeau is in deep water
thats the issue with the left , they think they are above others

dirty commis, pro islamic twats

So here it is. I never public advertise about politics. However, this time, it's just too much. Justin thinks that he can alter the law as he sees fit. Ok....you don't want Jody to testify.....no problem Justin. We know you are trying to hide something that is not good. That in itself says you are guilty. Voting is coming Justin. I was one of the voters who voted for you. I should have listened to the Conservative ad at the time. "You are not ready".....well now I know and so do many Canadian.

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Liberals use majority to shut down SNC-Lavalin committee before vote on recalling Jody Wilson-Raybould
Soon after the meeting convened, the Liberal committee members voted to adjourn. Conservatives and New Democrats shouted ‘cover-up!’