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Announcements Welcome to The Orange Room at forum.tayyar.org


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There was time where some members doubt the new forum will ever see the light, but hard work prevailed.

Hallelujah ! and congratulations to All.


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Hey hey we didnt go nowhere, still in our same old house that got an awesome face-lift.. I`m loving it.. Its really beautiful :thumbup:

Congratulations ppl and a big thanks to X and the staff.

Can`t wait to see the new tayyar.org !!!


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the design is not bad , but the color is disturbing somehow !

Hehehe ino akeed it wud be disturbing for a haririst.. Its ORANGE :biggrin:

Btw, did u notice the balloons in you avatar, just behind the father(rip) and son?

It seems that deep down inside, they have some orange vibes :msnwink:

anyway, welcome!!


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Very nice design. Mabrook......coming to think about it, the layout here is nicer than tayyar.org


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Congratulations for the new forum

Hello everyone,

Congratulations for the new forum.

God bless Lebanon - GMA

"We need the Quality and Not The Quantity" GMA