What does your nickname mean?

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I've been here on this forum for several months now, and I've always been intrigued by the different nicknames of the other users. Some are pretty dull while others make me "lol" or get me thinking what the hek passed through his/her mind to put out a nickname like this.

This is pretty simple, it's nickname bashing time:biggrin:
Which ones do you find hilarious and which would you like to see get burned to ashes...


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I never posted too often in the non-political forum, but I did actually post in this old one. My Nickname was such a mistake and a joke on me. I simply never knew the origin of the name. I often thought about changing it but so many knew me by that name that I decided not to bother.

Many have changed their names for one reason or another over the years - who really knows who they are anymore? I used to keep better track but a couple of years away erases memory.
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