What does your nickname mean?


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Yeah I haven't thought about this one, is it what your nick means ?

my nickname is a very stupid nickname I chose when I was 16! I was the most arrogant teenager on earth! Very self centered and thought the world revolved around me : *labelle* plus I chose it back when facebook wasn't very popular and you had to create accounts to whatever website you wanted to be a member of, it was a very easy to remember nickname. as for the a and the z they're the first letters of my last name!

Let's stick to god boob sounds more interesting lol


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What does your username mean or stand for?

Sev stood for sevag ( a name in armenian). It also means black in armenian.
Tashnag ( old username), the party I supported .

Beeb, I think it stood for habeeb.But its a car horn as well.


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That's a type of flower. Nelumbo nucifera - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia But our friend used Lucifera instead of Nucifera. I guess he's a satanic fire-breathing flower.

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What is the meaning of My Moria Moon?

I happen to love tales. Good night tales. And I find the Lord of the Rings to be the arch tale of them all, undoubtedly the best ever written. Moria is, "an ancient subterranean complex in Middle-earth, comprising a vast labyrinthine network of tunnels, chambers, mines and halls under the Misty Mountains.. Moria was the greatest city of the Dwarves."

In my avatar, the fellowship of the ring has just arrived to the hidden with magic entrance of Moria. They're struggling to crack the spell that seals its hidden door. The illustration in my avatar depicts the light of the moon reflected in the small lake outside the entrance. And this is in a way how I also imagine it looked like, that frozen moment of my favorite tale, thereof My Moria Moon.