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What Is the Last Movie You Saw?


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Love Wedding Repeat

"... life is about grabbing those chances when they come around."



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Point Break

I myself would choose to go beyond and complete listening to the Ninth.

Marvelous nature scenes.

Another movie for Teresa Palmer that I watch, and she's just as gorgeous and lovely as a true beautiful lady could be.

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I just saw Nadine Labaki's crappy movie that depicts Beirut as one big slum.

With Pornhub now offering a free premium membership, I honestly feel like my time could have been better spent.


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Leap Year

When she is ready to leave the one for whom she crossed the stormy sea after spending some time with another.

Adorable actress though, and amazing scenery.



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~ Tough life! Eventually, we will need a vigilante!

~ Jack Nicholson allows memorable to become indelible.

~ I always find cynically amusing this touch of ... : ) as when Vera Farmiga celebrates her pregnancy with Matt Damon after fornicating with Leonardo DiCaprio.

~ Definitely. a Martin Scorsese's jewel.



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I just watched "Heaven Without People" (غداء العيد) by Lucien Bourjeily.
The whole story takes place around a dinner table, but the dialogue is so compelling and captivating that you can't look away.
But for me, what stands out in this movie is the acting. The characters are so relatable and I think everyone can see their own family in this story.

Highly recommended. Available on Netflix.

Danny Z

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Netflix is releasing a catalogue of 34 Lebanese films of different genres under a dedicated collection titled Made in Lebanon.

can somebody reorder them from best to worse

The Made in Lebanon film list​

Out of Life by Maroun Bagdadi

The Little Wars by Maroun Bagdadi

Whispers by Maroun Bagdadi

We are all for the Fatherland by Maroun Bagdadi

Beyrouth ya Beyrouth by Maroun Bagdadi

Heritages by Philippe Aractingi

Listen by Philippe Aractingi

Bosta by Philippe Aractingi

Under the Bombs by Philippe Aractingi

Khabsa by Shady Hanna

Ghadi by Amin Dora

Zozo by Josef Fares (excluding Scandinavia)

Panoptic by Rana Eid

The Kite by Randa Chahal Sabbag (excluding Italy, Monaco, Switzerland)

Taxi Ballad by Daniel Joseph

West Beirut by Ziad Doueiri (excluding France)

Very Big Shot by Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya

Heaven without People by Lucien Bourjeily

Stray Bullet by Georges Hachem

Solitaire by Sophie Boutros

Incendies by Denis Villeneuve