What ISP to get a DSL connection from?



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I would like to subscribe to an open speed DSL service in my house (Bikfaya) but I am not sure what ISP would provide me with the best connection in terms of speed, latency, uptime etc.

People always recommend going directly to the source (Ogero), however the fact that they cancelled the free night-time traffic is somewhat of a deal-breaker.

Does location matter at all? What do you guys think?
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  • The_FPMer


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    The closer you are to the ISP, the better. And remember that you are in Lebanon, so consumer satisfaction is not considered much. So don't fall victim to Sodetel marketing gimmicks i.e: unlimited internet. IDM and Terranet could be good alternatives, but I doubt they will give you the stability that Ogero offers.

    Moreover, Fiber is coming sooner or later. So with Ogero, you'll end up benefiting in the long run as well.


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    I like IDM.

    For Fiber, I think its the same whether you are with IDM or Ogero.