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What type of system you like Lebanon to be ?


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Since the Phoenicians elected their representatives and their spokesman-prince.
passing by emir,pasha,beyk,sheikh till fakhamit,dawlit and samahat...
Lebanon has been going through many ethnic and cultural diversity influences.
Some think that democracy is the best system,other prefer socialism,commusim and military regym.
Lebanon has gained independence with final border over 70 years ago,but the lebansese failed to find the perfect or ideal combination for their coexistence.
Including its various sofesticated mixture of people & background ethnecities.
Lebanon has several religions,traditions,cultural and a variety of origins.
Minorities refuge, this land became,after many wars invasions and
interference of foreign nations.
Some see lebanon as arabic some as canaanite or phoenician.
Other consider lebanon an exclusive proprety for only a specific religion or group.
Many believe they are patriotic and would die for their nation,but unwilling to compromise and to share the powers due to fear and untrust between eachothers.
It's the dawn of the 21st century and still this small country is plunged in darkness,corruption,thirst,theft,chaotic laws and regulations with
foreign political and cultural obediance and interference.
2012 BC Lebanon was the leading nation in cosmology,engeneering,art,phylosophy,sciences,disc overies, inventions and others.
2012 AD Lebanon is miraculisly surviving another day...w ba3den la wayn?
Isn't it time my fellow citizens to unite under the same flag,with all our great mosaic individualities .Respecting and accepting eachother as a free people.
Lebanon historical message,was still and always will be is love,tolerance and
Check the caves and the mountains it's archeology and its ruins,witnessing that this land was heaven on earth.
All creed and religions,whoever they were and whatever they believd.
A place to live in peace and to worship freely,to live,eat,dance,think,write,paint and be whatever you wish.
It Is time for us as lebanese to stop searching for our differences and start seeing our common fate and destiny.
NOW is the time to chose our own system,to write our own history and to build our nation future.chose unselfishly,chose wisely.
Lebanon fate,is in our hands.