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What's On Your Mind Right Now?

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    Idea of a thread proposal for deep dialogue is here
    So let’s move here the activity
    The purpose is to have deep discussion about everything even on a long period of time
    Without being constrained by social conventions or money

    Important is to elevate the dialogue
    Idea of the month
    Is reform better or revolution

    What does this revolution or upheaval meant to your daily life and your inner thoughts
    The other day I had meeting with a lawyer from south; I'm glad that I met her; one thing for sure the revolution is still kicking even in the heart of the south!

    As for reform vs revolution; the lebanese were never promoting a coup; they want reform not a chaotic turn over.

    Personally I believe the most important thing right now is the wide awareness among the people about the corruption and how it is being stolen directly from our money.

    Educated people must get a full coverage; the media should be selective or at least our memory should be.


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    More people should be helping like this man from Australia. :)
    Anyone who can should. It has become a national duty. But the politicians in the country should be all placed in prison for their crimes against our country.