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Which Oroomer Would You Most Like to Have a Drink With?

Dr. Strangelove

Nuclear War Expert
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Could be a list.

Mention what drink you'd buy them if you're feeling like it.

Doesn't have to be alcoholic.

I'll just put some blues rock on the jukebox, if y'all don't mind...


The queen of "Bazella"
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@JustLeb coca zéro talk about: gay people

@Iron Maiden beer talk about: why free speech is sacred

@Mrsrx and @Dr. Strangelove whiskey mrsrx: talk about our mutual you people status, Dr. Strangelove: talk about teeth

@Walidos I promised him a vodka I think? Talk about: our mutual disdain for resign :p

Hameed Arak talk about myself

@My Moria Moon wine just because I think it should take a long time before either one of us is drunk, talk about everything

@SeaAb coffee 🙄 talk about: his aversion to walking
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Dr. Strangelove

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@Iron Maiden. Belgian beer. Talk about: heavy metal music. Don't talk about: Resign.

@Resign. Irish whiskey. Talk about: how much more chill he is in person. Don't talk about: Gebran Bassil.

@Isabella. Hot "Pot" Coacoa. Talk about: how it's taking forever for the THC to kick in. Don't talk about: what happened when she was mod.

@SeaAb. American filter coffee. Talk about: dogs. Don't talk about: "el wade3".

@SoFP1. Lebanese red wine. Talk about: anything he wants, at all. Don't talk about: N/A.

Mysobalanus. Matteh. Talk about: how much of a ***** it is to tag him on the forums. Don't talk about: Christianity.

Telefon Kasse. Pepsi "malghoume" Red Label. Talk about: ههههههههههه. Don't talk about: ISIS.

Dr. Strangelove

Nuclear War Expert
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@Mrsrx. Bonjus Pyramide. Talk about: coincidences. Don't talk about: a certain party.

@!Aoune32. Arak. Talk about: love of Lebanon. Don't talk about: civil war.

@From My Own Expenses. American craft beer. Talk about: things to do while high. Don't talk about: al kayan el souhyouni.

@AtheistForJesus. Passion fruit martini. Talk about: personal experience living in Lebanon. Don't talk about: women.

@Walidos. London Dry Gin. Talk about: that Christmas mafia game. Don't talk about: Brexit.

@CrusaderV. Margarita. Talk about: the economic situation. Don't talk about: Bassbouss.

@TayyarBeino. Tea. Talk about: favorite Twitter accounts. Don't talk about: the news.

@My Moria Moon. Mead. Talk about: Lord of the Rings fandom. Don't talk about: medical field.