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Which Oroomer Would You Most Like to Have a Drink With?


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@Mrsrx. Bonjus Pyramide. Talk about: coincidences. Don't talk about: a certain party.

@!Aoune32. Arak. Talk about: love of Lebanon. Don't talk about: civil war.

@From My Own Expenses. American craft beer. Talk about: things to do while high. Don't talk about: al kayan el souhyouni.

@AtheistForJesus. Passion fruit martini. Talk about: personal experience living in Lebanon. Don't talk about: women.

@Walidos. London Dry Gin. Talk about: that Christmas mafia game. Don't talk about: Brexit.

@CrusaderV. Margarita. Talk about: the economic situation. Don't talk about: Bassbouss.

@TayyarBeino. Tea. Talk about: favorite Twitter accounts. Don't talk about: the news.

@My Moria Moon. Mead. Talk about: Lord of the Rings fandom. Don't talk about: medical field.
Actually I'm drinking my cup of green tea now....


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Well I barely know anyone of you so ...

I'll start with @Isabella, I'm guessing Red wine and talk everyone of you in this forum (She seems to know way too much 😈)

then I'll have a drink with @CrusaderV to talk about his 2 main hobbies (Crusading and @Indie)

Have shots with @loubnaniTO and @HalaMadrid

Then head to @Walidos party ....a33 already drank too much to drive, ok if @!Aoune32 can pick me up, we'll curse on lebanese people and their mentality on the road.

In @Walidos party won't have time to talk actually, the food seems too good don't want to waste time.