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Which Oroomer Would You Most Like to Have a Drink With?


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Where is this place ? Germany?
Remind me of a pub in berlin.. in the pic are weatern german all from cold war.. willy brandt, brezenev ..:) cant see the pic of erick hoenecker

Isn't that honecker




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Well I barely know anyone of you so ...

I'll start with @Isabella, I'm guessing Red wine and talk everyone of you in this forum (She seems to know way too much 😈)

then I'll have a drink with @CrusaderV to talk about his 2 main hobbies (Crusading and @Indie)

Have shots with @loubnaniTO and @HalaMadrid

Then head to @Walidos party ....a33 already drank too much to drive, ok if @!Aoune32 can pick me up, we'll curse on lebanese people and their mentality on the road.

In @Walidos party won't have time to talk actually, the food seems too good don't want to waste time.

lol I’m more of a scotch kind of guy..but What the hell, shots it is


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@Mrsrx. Bonjus Pyramide. Talk about: coincidences. Don't talk about: a certain party.

@!Aoune32. Arak. Talk about: love of Lebanon. Don't talk about: civil war.

@From My Own Expenses. American craft beer. Talk about: things to do while high. Don't talk about: al kayan el souhyouni.

@AtheistForJesus. Passion fruit martini. Talk about: personal experience living in Lebanon. Don't talk about: women.

@Walidos. London Dry Gin. Talk about: that Christmas mafia game. Don't talk about: Brexit.

@CrusaderV. Margarita. Talk about: the economic situation. Don't talk about: Bassbouss.

@TayyarBeino. Tea. Talk about: favorite Twitter accounts. Don't talk about: the news.

@My Moria Moon. Mead. Talk about: Lord of the Rings fandom. Don't talk about: medical field.

arak yummy!!


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Even though I currently have no time for any of you (crazy busy at work), there are many I would love to have a drink with, and I have had drinks with many over the past 16 years! But here is a list of people I can think of now, more to follow:

- @Isabella whatever she drinks, French bakery, and see if she is as sociable and funny in real life as much as on the forum 😂

- @shadow (again): Almaza, mashewe and deep conversations about our beloved country, life and philosophy

- @Iron Maiden: 3asir jazar and oum koulthoum (sorry not into heavy metal) 🤪 just kidding. I’m not into oum koulthoum

- @AtheistForJesus: mojitos and discuss life (and How deep inside he loves to have kids)

- @joseph_lubnan: coffee and get to know this interesting person who, though sometimes drives me crazy with his one liners (that could qualify as spam), could be interesting to discuss political issues that we might disagree on

- @the staff team - @Jo (again), @ORMOD @SeaAb @The Shovel, @Pandæmonium @The BushWacker @Warden: Arak and gossip about all the members in here, and your sh!t that keeps us busy 🤣🤣🤣

Thawra # Furoshima

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@Indie 😍🥰😘👠👸 my Lady Princess
For being the best Lady Princess in the Forum
For inspiring me above anyone else
For sharing the same Christians values
Brandy will be very nice Tout A Toi
- for the others sorry guys love you all but my Princess 👸 Lady is unique in everything
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Thawra # Furoshima

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Sorry brother. She's cuddling with @AtheistForJesus.
She is a Princess Lady and can do whatever she wants
Atheist is a good person
Appreciate for this not to be a public debate
I don’t believe in possession or anything
As for her attachment which is based on friendship ( she is my Lady Princess; there is nothing inappropriate or private going on ) she showed to me dozens of times by accepting my alliegance
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