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why did/didnt got married ?


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قصدي وبسبب بعض الاستغلاليين
ما بقا قلي جلادة رجال استغلاليين
علما انو هل نمط من الحياة عصري

مضطرا وضح كرمال فهموها غلط وهي بقالب نكتة
في استغلالي ين رجال ونساء بحبو يستغلو ناس. ولم يعد لدي طاقة لهيك شي.
شكرا لكل من عمل ردة فعل
Don't limit yourself to men. Try your luck with females, you might hit the jackpot.


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Did and Didn't were both idiots so they decided to go on and get married.
They regret this now.
Did had an affair with Why.