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Why do Arabs oppose Zionism?

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    I always ask myself the question why are the Arabs the enemies of Israel and why do the Arabs deny Israel the right to exist as a state in which the Jews can call Jerusalem as their capital in the Middle East?

    I would like to hear your comments, while taking into account the current discourses that run through out the region by religious groups who are demanding religious political rights, such as Christians, Sunnies and Shi’as who seemingly believe that they can have a political status because of an ethnicity that is founded on religion. They however deny the same rights to the Jews in Jerusalem.

    Why do Arabs oppose Zionism, when they claim political rights that are founded on their various religious affiliations?

    Why is Zionism perceived as an evil when Arabism and Islamism is not?

    Why are the Zionists who grant Muslims the freedom to practice their religion are perceived to be an evil, when the Saudi Islamism that denies all religious groups the right to freely practice their belief and faith is not considered to be an evil, if anything Saudi Islamism it is a promoted good?
    Why not ? lets begin with that


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    "On eve of Jewish New Year, Israel's population tops 9 million"

    "Israel's population stands at 9,092,000 people on the even of the Jewish New Year of 5780, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics annual report. The population count has grown by 2.1% since last year, and is expected to reach 10 million by 2024 and 20 million by 2065."