Will Lhassa Issue Be Resolved??



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The conflict in Lhasa in Jerud Jbeil, between the townspeople of the Shiite community and the Maronite patriarchy, has been going on for decades. He is now stuck in negotiations recently opened between the Maronite Patriarchate and the Supreme Islamic Shiite Council to propose possible solutions.

However, what was announced in the declaration of the recently held meeting in the Patriarchal Diadem, between Patriarch Bishara al-Rai; i and the MPs of Jbeil and Kesrouan, raised some questions with a number of stakeholders, particularly the head of the Lebanese initiative Fares Said, who criticized the "cities" The use of the expression "disputed areas in Lhasa", instead of "the land under attack".

"The subject is now under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Islamic Shiite Council, which is working on its solution," he said. "The Patriarchate and the delegates who participated in the meeting are asked to keep us informed of developments and how they expect to solve this problem – a solution is only possible through the implementation of the law." Saeed said that he smelled "settled with the Supreme Islamic Shiite Council", declaring that "he is completing the collection of information to know all the elements related to the file and all the data that have been deposited in this settlement, to build on the required thing. " "If we do not implement the law, we will not stand idly by, but use all our means to put an end to it, because the manipulation of the real estate system in Lebanon, under the pretext to take the status quo into account, Lhasa begins and ends in Kafrshuba. "

"There are people who impose a political, military, security, social and real reality today, under the title of power relations, on the pretext that the state is weak and incompetent," he said. Apply the law and appeal to us to prevent problems between us and to accept the status quo and legislation for them.

"We are talking here about a wealth of real estate of 5 million meters, if there is a branch in Lhasa, it will undoubtedly be withdrawn to all other villages, ie more than 300 million meters."

For his part, the media officer in the patriarchal building Walid Ghayad, in an interview with the "cities", supported Saeed's concerns and emphasized that "there is no difference of opinion with Dr. Said in this case." There is a misunderstanding about the use of the contested sentence, We said that it was only the subject of disagreement between the parties in the conflict, but the Patriarchate can not accept the surrender of the power of the status quo.

Ghayad said that "the statement mentioned the Supreme Islamic Shiite Council, because the latter efforts and efforts to resolve this crisis to achieve a solution for my love that pleases everyone, but of course not at the expense of justice and the law, "emphasizing that" this subject requires the cooperation of all and the recognition of rights "Everyone agrees that there is no settlement at the expense of the law, so anyone who has legal documents, to mark them and on the table must take everyone who has his right, but of course after completing the questionnaire in the city. "

"If the solution is no longer possible, there is no way to go to the judiciary, because it is the only authority competent to deal with the case." We are in a state of law and we are not on a farm, "Ghayyad concluded.
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