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youtube’s greatest and cringiest

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welcome ladies and gents, in this thread we share the greatest and weirdest youtube shows that we find so that we have time to kill when we’re in the loo.

I’ll start with this combo cringy mafia-game like show where a bunch if people get to ask questions to each other in order to weed out the one who doesnt belong in their group. its called the odd man out, this episode in particular is a cringe fest because it brings forth the best out of the people i like to hate in the most, yes you guessed right vegans! yaay!


do share yours

PS: no ted talks plz theres a thread for that


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The king of random and khan academy pop to mind in the greatest category. The king of random is basically a guy testing random shit like can you make fire burn downwards or put glue on a faucet (unfortunately he died but his friends still post videos on his channel)... And khan academy is basically explanatory videos on so many scientific (and non scientific) subjects, they are incredibly well researched and just really helpful for anyone interested in learning.

Here are two random vids from both channels:



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Colinfurze is the greatest youtuber! built a jetbicycle, jetstroller, jaccuzi bmw while driving, and more!